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Blast Parts


Blast Parts

BCS Company, Inc. Stocks Blast Parts from Clemco Industries Corp., Empire Abrasive Equipment and Trinco Trinity Tool Co. 

And remember, if we don't stock it, we can have it shipped to you from the Manufacturer!

Job Shop and Consulting Services



Our Job Shop is stocked with a variety of metal finishing equipment, vibratory tumbling media, finishing compounds and much more. 

BCS strives to achieve a quality-focused service at a fair price for our customer.

Our experienced Tech Reps can advise and consult to provide you with the best solution for your surface preparation needs.

 eBay Specials

eBay Specials

Whether you are a large industrial company, a small business or a hobbyist, check out our special offers on eBay.
We offer small packs, overstocks, used media and equipment, some with free shipping included.

BCS Company Powders and Aqueous Compounds in 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon and 400 Pound Drum


Chemistry - Cleaners and Rust Inhibitors

Powders for Abraiding, Cleaning, Bleaching, Soaking and Corrosion Inhibition from BCS Company, Inc.

Aqueous Compounds for Cleaning Burnishing, Soaking and Rust Inhibition from BCS Company, Inc.

Citric Acid Based Passivation Solutions (CitriSurf) from Stellar Solutions, Inc.

Ceramic, Plastic and Steel Media

Tumbling Media

Plastic Media from Vibra Finish Co. and Cutting Edge Abrasives, LLC.
Steel Finishing Media from Abbott Ball Co.

Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Glass Bead, Corn Cob, Baking Soda, Starblast and Plastic Blast Media

Blast Media

Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide from Washington Mills

Ballotini Glass Bead (Military and AGB Grades) from Potters Industries, LLC

Corn Cob from Green Products Company

Baking Soda from Natrium Products, Inc.

Maxiblast® and Recycled Glass Grit from Bellemare Abrasives

Plastic Blast Media from MPC Industries [Patent Plastics]

Abrasive belts, Wheels and Pads

Abrasive Supplies

Abrasive supplies including Brushes, Belts, Discs, Wheels, Rolls and Pads from United Abrasives/SAIT, Carborundum and Merit (St. Gobain Abrasives, Inc.), VSM Abrasives Corp. and Production Abrasives Inc.

UltraMatic SVB 3.5 Bowl

Equipment and Parts

Wetblast Vapor Blast cabinets from Vixen

Vibratory Bowls and Tubs from UltraMatic Equipment Co., Giant Finishing, Inc. and Burr King
Table Top Vibratory Bowls from Raytech Industries [Lyman]

Centrifugal Barrels from Mass Finishing Inc. [MFI]

Blast Equipment from Empire Abrasive Equipment, Clemco Industries Corp. and Trinco Trinity Tool Co.

Part Washers and Sanitization Equipment from Better Engineering Mfg, Inc. and AQUASGROUP

Plating Lines and Recycling Systems from AQUASGROUP

High Energy Equipment from Walther Trowal, LLC.

Centrifugal Spin Dryers and Chip Ringers from Fanta Equipment Company [Samson, New Holland]

Belt & Disc Grinders from Burr King