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Image courtesy of Better Engineering Mfg., Inc. at betterengineering.com

Parts Washers from Better Engineering Mfg., Inc.

Bettering Engineering, Mfg. Inc. has a reputation for leadership in providing industrial cleaning machines of all sizes.  They provide machines and services to a full range of industries including Food & Pharma, Manufacturing, Industrial, Repair, Logistics and Distribution. 


Equipment from Mass Finishing Inc. (MFI)

Equipment from Mass Finishing Inc (MFI)

MFI is the Industry Leader in Industrial Parts Finishing offering variety of finishing equipment options including Centrifugal Barrels, Centrifugal Disc, Vibratory Tub and Vibratory Bowls.  From acrylics to metals and rubber, MFI tumbling and vibratory finishing machines are customizable and set up to produce the exact finish your production requires.


 Equipment from Clemco Industries Corp.

Blast Equipment from Empire Abrasive Equipment

Empire specializes in the design and manufacture of air-blast equipment.  Empire produces the most extensive line of air-blast products in the world.  This includes Robotic and Automatic Blast Systems, Blast Rooms and Cabinets and Portable Blast Systems.

Equipment from Giant Finishing

Equipment from Giant Finishing, Inc.

Giant Finishing manufactures vibratory deburring equipment, tumbling bowls, tubs and ovals. 

Equipment can be custom developed to meet your specific needs.

 Equipment from Clemco Industries Corp.

Blast Equipment from Clemco Industries Corp.

Clemco is a global manufacturer of Blast Equipment for just about any blasting operation. 

These includes stock and custom Blast Machines, Wetblast systems, Safety Equipment, Blast Machine Accessories and Blast Cabinets

Equipment from Walther Trowal

Walther Trowal has equipment for virtually every process ranging from mass finishing, deburring, polishing and descaling to cleaning, smoothing and rounding.


Vixen Vapor Blast Equipment

Vixen is a leading global manufacturer of Vapor Blast equipment.  Vixen offers a range of wet blast cabinets to fit every need and every industry. 

Vapor Blasting, also called Wet Blasting has many advantages over traditional dry blasting.

Tumbling Machinery from UltraMatic

Vibratory Tumbling Machinery from UltraMatic Equipment Co.

UltraMatic builds the finest vibratory finishing equipment in a wide range of sizes and types. 

This includes vibratory tubs and bowls in sizes from 5 to 55 gallons.

Equipment from Burr King

Belt Grinder, Disc Grinders and Vibratory Bowls from Burr King

Burr King manufactures quality abrasive belt grinders, disc grinders and vibratory deburring and polishing equipment.  Their innovative designs are industrial grade, intended for use on metals, woods, composites, plastics, rubber, stone, fiberglass and other materials.

Equipment from Raytech Industries

Equipment from Raytech Industries

Raytech Industries manufactures Vibratory Tumblers, Centrifugal Magnetic Finishers and Ultrasonic Cleaners.  Raytech is the world's leader in the manufacturing of small mass finishing equipment and accessories.

BCS Company has used equipment in stock - ready to ship or pickup.  Each machine has been refurbished and fully tested.  Give us a call for more information or to arrange a visit to inspect our used equipment.  In addition to what we have in stock now, we are always getting additional machines to refurbish and sell. 

UltraTecno Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

UltraTecno has been pioneering Industrial Ultrasonic systems for over 50 years.