Ballotini Glass Bead from Potters Industries is typically used for Cleaning, Finishing, Peening and Deburring applications.  It produces a controlled, clean finish on a variety of metals. 

  • Cleans quickly without significant metal removal
  • Clean, finish, peen and deburr all at once
  • Provides a unique surface finish
  • Can be recycled many times
  • Contains no free silica
  • Environmentally safe
  • Backed by Potters technical support
  • Meets both MIL and AMS specs for heavy metal limits

Ground Glass is a high quality clean abrasive product where the glass particles are angular in shape.  It is more economical than glass bead and can be used where AMS or MIL specs are not required.  Ground Glass is typically used for blasting, cleaning rust, paint or scale on steel, stainless steel, concrete, wood and aluminum surfaces.  Ground Glass is available in a range of sizes.


Ballotini Specs

Ballotini Bead Sizes
Ground Glass Sizes