D10 - An extremely hard, fine-grained, abrasive-free media. For burnishing, polishing, light deburring and driving loose abrasives. Exceptional impact resistance for a media of its hardness. Weights 85 pounds per cubic foot.

D20 - A versatile, general purpose, mildly abrasive media. Combine’s low media wear rate with reasonable metal removal rate. For a fine finish and burnishing (with proper compound selection). Weights 90 pounds per cubic foot.

D30 - A high performance cutting, deburring, and surface improvement media. For fast metal removal and a fine finish with medium wear rate. Weights 95 pounds per cubic foot.

D40 - An extremely fast cutting media for rapid cut down, radiusing, deburring, and surface improvement. A larger quantity of the same fine fused aluminum oxide used in D20 & D30 provides similar fine finishes at a faster rate. Maximum metal removed in minimum time. Weights 100 pounds per cubic foot.

D50 - A relatively fast wearing, fast cutting silicon carbide media. Recommended for use where exposure to aluminum oxide cannot be tolerated. For use on cemented carbides, high alumina ceramics, and on parts to be welded or brazed in a later operation. Weights 90 pounds per cubic foot.

WK - An efficient fast cutting media for use in all types of mass finishing equipment. This media is extremely durable when used in a rugged application. Weighs approximately 100 pounds per cubic foot.

With the introduction of the DURALITE- line, Washington Mills gave customers a new competitive edge: a media developed for use in mass finishing equipment, on delicate parts; and as an alternative to plastic media for light deburring and surface conditioning softer metal work-pieces. DURALITE- II weighs 61 to 65 pounds per cubic foot.