To remove parts from media.
MAGNETIC SEPARATION: Hand magnets and belts to separate parts from media. Hand riddles and screens are also available for manual separation of parts from media.
OTHER MANUFACTURERS: In addition to those shown - BCS has new, used and parts for Sweco,Rotofinish, Almco, Rosemont, Giant, Torex, Harper, Wheelabrator, Burr King, Kramer , and other makes and models of mass finishing machinery.
BCS can reline any major brand or model of vibratory machines in rubber or hot pour polyurethane. We also provide snap in barrel and lid liners for most major brands of centrifugal barrels.
Ceramic, Plastic, Organic or Dry
In our 18,000 square foot warehouse BCS stocks media’s of virtually every size, shape and degree of abrasiveness or bond. Our experienced personnel are available to advise the most appropriate size, shape and composition for your particular process. Or, fill out the following form and enclose it with a half dozen or more (the more the better) of your parts to be deburred or polished and send them to BCS - Attn: Tim and we will develop a process for your particular parts.