Wet High Energy

DF-8 table top disc 30” L, 14” W, 21” H, 1/2 hp, 5 pts. capacity, 135 lb. ship wt. 40 liter (1.4 cu. ft.) closed tub capacity, (1/2 cu. ft. working capacity). Timer and manual unload 25” internal diameter by 14” deep tub, 60 liter (2.1 cu. ft.), 6 hp motor.
Dry HIgh Energy
40 liter (1.4 cu. ft.) closed tub capacity, (1/2 cu. ft. working capacity), built in dust collector and filter instead of effluent drains, running totally fluid free, dry process with special dry media for light deburr and rapid polishing without fluid effluent.
Sound enclosure, semi-automatic, 100 liter capacity.
Comparatively speaking, centrifugal barrel finishing requires more operator strength and dexterity because the barrel lids weighing several pounds must be removed, media and parts emptied out and refilled and in some cases the entire barrel removed from the machine for this purpose. This results in a longer cycle time but the energy brought to bear on parts to be finished is considerably greater than centrifugal disc machines to say nothing of conventional vibratory, edge radiusing and deburring the hardest alloys in minutes as well as adding “compressive stress” to the parts to be finished. In contrast, centrifugal discs are easily unloaded by tipping the entire contents onto a separating screen and returning the media to the machine for reuse. The process is better suited to high polishing of softer, often smaller, parts where a high degree of polish is desired in a short period of time with considerable through put due to short load, unload time.