In a high energy centrifugal disc machine a similar multi force, high speed finishing / polishing effect is achieved by placing media and parts to half the depth of an open mouthed barrel the floor of which then spins at a high RPM creating a vortex of media and parts against the stationary walls of the machine. The media and parts tumble gravitationally toward the center and are then spun up the side plus a forward motion giving a multi directional effect which quickly produces a very smooth surface especially on softer metal parts such as jewelry pieces prior to plating.
High Energy Mass finishing generated by toroidal action
Providing higher processing speed, low noise and operating cost.
Media and parts flow smoothly resulting in reduced noise level compared to other finishing machines. Finishing time is 5 to 10 times faster than vibratory barrel finishing. Reduction of finishing time results in increased productivity and low operation cost.The tub has the rotating bottom disc and the stationary wall. Centrifugal force is caused by the high speed rotation of bottom disc.