The new and patented MT SERIES by UltraMatic is the most unique innovation in the vibratory finishing industry. The MT features up to five tubs ON ONE DRIVE enabling the user to run multiple processes (deburr, wash, burnish, descale, and dry) simultaneously! The MT will run with any media including heavy steel media - yet is flexible enough to run 96” long aluminum aircraft parts with critical tolerances.

BARRELS: High Capacity the Best for Edge Radiusing / Breaking Stamped, Plasma, Water Jet or Laser Cut Parts.

Cement Mixer style open tumbling barrel great for part on part processes or media and part mixtures. Great for drying parts with corn cob.
Hartford Triple Action style barrel also referred to as closed barrels. Allows parts to move freely within the barrel without sticking to the sides.
Wet & Dry
The term “High Energy” is applied to centrifugal barrel & centrifugal disc mass finishing equipment because several forces are brought to bear on the part to be finished. As shown in the accompanying diagrams the barrels of a 2 or 4 barrel centrifugal barrel finishing machine are 3/4 filed with media and parts, sealed, and then the mechanism holding the barrels spins in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion much like a ferris wheel having the effect of centrifugal force throwing the contents against the outer wall of the barrel which then spins in a 4 to 1 ratio in the opposite direction to the rotation of the barrel carrying mechanism. The result is a rapid spinning / tumbling motion of parts and media against the outer wall of the barrel with centrifugal force adding weight to lightweight medias. The use of lighter weight media avoids denting of the part while producing a high degree of polish in a very short period of time. Whereas a conventional vibratory cycle time is measured in hours, high energy finishing cycle times are measured in minutes.