General Purpose Cleaning & Burnishing

L-883: Alkaline, all metal safe, free rinsing, recommended use with ceramic burnishing media (porcelain, XM or J bond), great in vibratory bowl / tub or high energy machine applications.

828-H: Mildly alkaline, formulated to reduce plastic media foam - making this an excellent choice for use with plastic media’s in your tumble barrel, vibe bowl / tub or high energy machines, produces excellent pre-plate finishes, provides a clean - low foam process, all metal safe.

Cleaning While Using Your Vibratory Equipment

L-89: Slightly alkaline, safe for aluminum and all your metals, provides bright / clean parts, free rinsing, used in aircraft applications to clean while you vibe or high energy your parts.

L-42: Mildly acidic, great choice for ceramic media, safe for aluminum and copper, provides excellent pre-plate finishes, brightens without etching or blushing delicate aluminum’s, excellent choice for your tumble barrel finishing process.

Powdered Cleaner for tumble Barrels

C-8: Alkaline, good for ferrous metals, superior choice for open or closed tumbling barrel applications, acts as a neutralizer after acidic descaling process, free rinsing.

Burnishing With Steel Media

BBX: Acidic, provides a bright burnish, tumble barrel, vibe bowl / tub or high energy use with steel media will produce high color in copper, brass, bronze and related alloys.

Vibratory removal of Heat treat Scale and Smut Removal

X-75: Alkaline, use with ceramic media (not plastic) for heavy derusting or descaling of ferrous metals, removes flash rust from powdered metal parts, provides good short term rust protection if not excessively rinsed, for use in tumble barrel, vibe bowl / tub and high energy applications.

LD 40: Acidic, use with ceramic media (not plastic) to descale ferrous and non-ferrous metals, provides short term rust corrosion protection, will act as a superior burnisher for copper and brass if parts are neutralized after burnishing, designed for use in tumble barrel, vibe bowl / tub and high energy applications.

Automatically meters water and adds compound for vibratory finishing and cleaning operations.
12” wide x 12” high x 10” deep
Connections: 1/2” NPT in and out
Electrical: Pump 110V (Water) 110V Solenoid
Compound pick-up: 6’ vinyl tubing with foot valve
Water Controls: System is provided with a 0 to 60 GPH metering valve, a flush valve and a on-off switch for the water solenoid.
Compound Controls: System is provided with a Liquid Metronics 24 GPD concentrate pump with quality controls and an on-off switch and indicator light for the pump.