High Performance Plastic Media from Washington Mills

High Performance Media

The following high performance Duramedia Plastic Medias have been formulated for use in specific applications involving ferrous metals. These medias will provide a dramatic improvement in surface finishes with the impact resistance of a plastic body, which significantly decreases fracturing and impingement.

DPHP 220FC 75 White

Fast cutting, produces a clean bright matte finish. Used for deburring and surface metal removal on all metals.

DPHP 230FC 77 Brown Aggressively fast cut, for increased production while reducing cycle time. Ideal for removing machine lines and forming radius on hard metals.
DPHP 250FC 78 DK. Blue Most aggressive cutting media. Deburring and surface removal on all ferrous metals. Suited for applications where parts are to be welded or braised.
DPHP 310MC 60 Black Non-aggressive media, very minimal cut. Produces a matte finish with virtually no stock removal. Ideal for use in chemical accelerants and as a driver for loose abrasives.
DPHP 320MC 60 DK. Brown

A mild cutting media which produces a very low micro-inch finish. Use on ferrous metals requiring extremely low micro-inch finishes where plating is not required.

DPHP 350MC 60 Gray

Mild cutting action which produces an extremely low micro-inch finish. Use primarily on ferrous metals, which require an extremely fine finish and will be plated, welded or braised.