Plastic Media From Washington Mills

Duramedia Plastic – A premium polyester resin vibratory media with clear performance advantages- the result of unique bonding systems and an immediate heat cure process. Providing the ultimate in resiliency!
Heat Curing: The instant advantage

Cold poured / air dried plastic media takes time to solidify. Time during which the cutting medium has a tendency to settle to the lowest point of its shape-creating inconsistencies in cut, ware and overall performance.

Heat curing is instantaneous, allowing no time for migration of the cutting medium. The abrasive in Duramedia Plastic remains evenly distributed throughout the body of each individual shape- providing consistent media life for the duration of the finishing cycle.

The result? Clear performance advantages: a bonding system that delivers the utmost in efficiency, repeatability and defined shape characteristics.

Formulated to Meet Specific Needs

Duramedia Plastic is available in high performance, high density and low density formulations- to meet the needs of specific applications and a variety of finishes. All formulations ensure extended life, consistency of performance and reduced effluent- conforming to environmental and ecological standards.