Duramedia 120: Cuts steps while reducing cycle times

Duramedia 120 is an extremely dense and durable ceramic media offering exceptional wear resistance. Excellent for use in chemically accelerated processes and high energy mass finishing applications-cutting steps and improving upon cycle times. Its fine crystalline structure yields superior body strength and fracture resistance with minimal chipping. Ideally suited for caustic and acid deburring agents.

Applications include:

· Light burr removal, radius formation, driving loose abrasives, final surface finishing and burnishing. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Carefully engineered and refined, this new high performance tumbling media has undergone the most rigorous testing before its introduction to the mass finishing industry. Washington Mills Ceramics Corps is confident the Duramedia 120 exceeds the performance of any competitive media in quality sensitive applications.

Putting us to the test:

The proper media (size and shape), as well as the appropriate chemical compound are essential to any application for effective and efficient results. Getting early guidance, to achieve the lowest unit cost, is readily available for the professionals at BCS Company. We invite you to take advantage of our test experience and knowledge of mass finishing applications. So send us your parts- we'll prove to you Duramedia 120 works.

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