For more than 35 years BCS has been a leading developer of vibratory mass finishing and tumbling processes to deburr, radius and polish metal, and often plastic, parts in the manufacturing process. BCS provides vibratory Sweco - type round bowls, square tubs as well as rotary tumble barrels, ceramic, plastic and organic media and custom.blended compounds or tumbling soaps of BCS’ own design.
Equipment sizes range from tabletop pumpkin bowls often used by ammunition reloaders to polish their brass to 20 and 40 cubic foot capacity bowl with or without internal separation to automatically unload parts. Square tub vibratory finishing equipment ranges from tabletop units to 100 cubic foot capacity flow through machines permitting parts and media to enter at one end, exit finished and deburred at the other end with media classified to remove worn out stones while returning the good abrasive media to the mouth of the machine for continuous reuse.

BCS also provides high energy, centrifugal barrel and centrifugal disc finishing equipment including Harperizers and similar centrifugal barrel, high-energy equipment. Centrifugal disc high-energy mass finishing machines range in size from 1 cubic foot capacity to 8 with complete automatic unloading and reloading capability.

BCS makes simple compound feeders to meter in predetermined amounts of vibratory finishing compounds perfectly matched to BCS supplied ceramic, plastic and steel deburring and burnishing medias in all shapes and sizes. We also design and install effluent treatment systems for vibratory finishing, tumbling and high energy deburring and polishing machinery removing abrasive media sludge from the compound and water solutions permitting their reuse in a closed loop, recycling system.

In the alternative, fluid evaporators boil off water vapor leaving only a dry cake of broken down media which may be further dried in a filter press before disposal.