Rugged Separators remove oil from water to permit reuse of process water or safe disposal of wasterwater.

  • Keller Patented permantent high effeciency elements rapid split out suspended oil for easy draining.
  • Pumps/separator units supplied complete, ready to operate.
  • To install: Connect 1/4" compressed air line- no electricals.
  • 3 Models available:
    • remove suspended oil to 120 degrees F. for reuse of process water.
    • remove suspended and disolved oil for safe disposal of water.
    • remove suspended oil to 160 degrees F. for reuse of hot wash water
How the Keller Oil Separators Work
Oily water is pumped via a self-priming air operated diaphragm pump through a washable solids filter and then through permanent plastic separator elements. The Keller HIgh Efficiency Oil-Separator elements (US Pat. #5,401,404) the Key to the Keller Separators are emmersed in a 5 gallon tank, which has an overflow port for the cleaned water and a drain port for the separated oil. The permanent separator elements cause the suspended oil drops to form a continuous layer that rises to the top of the separator tank. The clean water exits via the overflow port and maybe recycled or discharged. The oil layer collected in the separator tank can be drained into a waste oil contained by opening the oil outlet valve occasionally, usually once per day. No other operator attention is required.
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