Soak / Dip / Agitating Tank Washers:
Soak, Dip or Agitating Tanks act very much like a home laundry machine permitting a large volume of parts to be cleaned in a small footprint using more powerful detergents because foam is not a problem as it is in spray washers. Tanks may be single basket or dual as shown below or arranged in arrays as shown (in photo below) with manual or automatic transfer of parts baskets from one tank to the next or into air blow off or hot air drying.

For parts with complicated geometries and / or heavy soils nothing cleans as well as immersion, agitation tank cleaning.
The photo below displays a unique agitating tank washer which is, in fact, a centrifugal or spin dryer into which parts are placed, top closes with a pneumatic seal. Hot soap / water solution is pumped in from one of the tanks to the right of the spin dryer which then agitates much like a home laundry machine for a predetermined, time cycle, soap solution pumps back to its reservoir, rinse water pumps into the chamber, parts agitate in the rinse water which then returns to its reservoir and the hot air, spin dryer turns on producing perfectly dry, clean parts in one small footprint operation with exceptional cleaning and drying capability.