Spray Washers:

Top loaders as shown at right (photo) from 50 lbs. capacity tabletop units up to 2500 lbs. of parts as shown with a 10 hp pump putting out 190 GPM of soap / water spray solution in a 75” W x 48” D x 67” H footprint.

Front Loaders from the model 2748 shown at right (photo) cleans 700 lbs. of parts in lower basket and 300 lbs. of parts in the upper basket. Oil skimmer, chip tray and soap solution filtration. Similar units run up to 8’ diameter baskets capable of 10,000 lbs. part loads. As shown, wash only but available in wash and rinse or wash, rinse and dry configurations. Economical.
Belt or Tunnel Washers in one, two or three stages (wash, rinse, dry) provide tremendous thru put at a economical cost as do…

Helitical Drum Washers in which parts are fed into the tube at the drum mouth on the right side of the photo shown (below left). A helitical flight augers the parts through the drum under soap solution / spray, followed, if desired, by one or more rinses and shop air blow off or heated air dryer. May be configured to a variety of sizes and stages to suit your part size and volume.