Parts Washers
Agitating soak tank, spray and ultrasonic aqueous cleaning industrial parts washers and vapor degreasers.

BCS supplies industrial aqueous cleaning parts washers of all types including spray washers, ultrasonic cleaners, agitating tank washers. BCS provides turnkey package systems including waste oil removal, effluent treatment and soap solution recycling capabilities. Because we custom-design many aqueous cleaning chemicals, we can ensure that the soap used in a particular cleaning machine is perfectly matched to your cleaning requirements and the performance of the equipment.
Our spray wash parts cleaning machines range from tabletop units under $2000 to multiple stage (wash, rinse, rust inhibit rinse, dry, etc.) a single cabinet or rotary drum machines, belt or tunnel spray washers to large monorail spray washers in which parts pass through the washing machine hung from a moving monorail.

Similarly our agitating tank or soak washers range from small tabletop single tank units to multiple tank arrays in which the parts are moved from agitating tank to agitating tank by a manual or fully automatic means. Agitating soak or dip tanks may be equipped with ultrasonic transducers for thorough cleaning of parts with complicated geometries.

BCS can close loop or recycle the soap cleaning solution on any spray, agitating tank or ultrasonic parts washing system including oil skimming, filtration and soap solution regeneration.