Painting / Powder & E-Coating


Pre-Wired Control Panel

  • ETL Listed

Superior Lighting

  • ETL Listed Fixtures

Enclosed Loop Conveyor

  • Heavy duty trollies
Downdraft Spray Booth
  • ETL Listed air makeup
  • 431,000 BTU

Infrared Cure Oven

  • 6000 WATT
  • UL Listed Fixtures
In Cyclone Mode, powder overspray can be diverted along two distinct paths: directly into the Scrap Collector Module or into the Cyclone Module where powder is separated from the air stream for reuse. Recycled powder is collected in the cyclone receiver from which it is continuously transferred to the Gun Feed Hopper. Exhaust air and powder (Fines) from the cyclone are ducted to the Scrap Collector Module for further filtering. The Scrap Collector Module like the Quick-Change Collector has cartridge filters which, when pulsed with air, release scrap powder into the internal bin where it is retained for proper disposal.
Dual Powder Recovery Process
In collector mode, powder is drawn into the collector and through the adjustable air distribution baffles and deposited on the cartridge filter. A reverse-pulse of compressed air automatically dislodges the powder, which falls into a single removable hopper where it mixes with fluidized virgin powder before it is fed directly to the guns. Virgin powder is loaded into the collector through a load chute above the hopper. The chute also provides visual access to powder level and fluidization in the hopper. This unique closed-loop design insures a consistant blend of powder deposition throughout the operation.
E-COAT / Manual & Automatic Systems: Designed and Installed
E-COAT (Cathodic Epoxy) Job Shop Service in Semi-Gloss Black Acrylic