COR CUT 6200 RP: Synthetic Machining and Grinding Fluid
COR CUT 6200 RP is a true synthetic solution developed for machining of ferrous metals. This product was developed for medium to heavy-duty applications. COR CUT 6200 RP was developed for cases where the potential for corrosion occurs.

COR CUT 6219: Water-Soluble Machining and Grinding Fluid, Semi-Synthetic
COR CUT 6219 is a premium, medium-duty semi-synthetic machining and grinding fluid for multi-metal machining operations. This product has added EP and lubricity characteristics for excellent tool life, and is formulated for a wide range machining operations.

COR CUT 6228: Soluble Oil, Machining and Grinding Fluid
COR CUT 6228 is a medium to heavy-duty, water soluble oil, compounded with extreme pressure ingredients for severe machining applications.
COR DRAW 6302 is a light to medium duty synthetic drawing compound for steel and galvanized steel. This product may be diluted with water through a wide range of concentrations, depending upon severity of draw encountered.
Non-Active Sulfur, Lube Cutting Oils

CIL CUT 3017, 3018, 3020:
Amber cutting oils of varying viscosities. Use on free machining steels, copper alloys and aluminum. They are compounded with an anti-mist additive to keep fogging at a minimum and provide for a clean work environment.

Active Sulfur, HD Cutting Oil for Steel, Stainless, Difficult to Machine Metals

CIL CUT 134:
A dark brown-red heavily-compounded cutting oil. It is used in drilling and tapping stainless, heat resistant and other nickel-chrome alloyed steels. It is a preferred recommendation for heavy gear cutting, horizontal broaching and crush-truing of contour-form grinding wheels.

Oil Based Drawing, Stamping Base Oils

A clear, light yellow product generally applied by gravity feed to pad or wiper in contact with strip carbon steels. It is particularly adaptable to high speed stamping and blanking operations. The light oil film left on formed parts may be removed by conventional vapor degreasing, cold degreasing or hot alkaline wash. If work piece annealing is required, the light oil film retained on the part reduces smoking measurably.