Chemicals / Coatings

BCS designs chemicals for all types of industrial parts washing machinery including low-foam cleaners for spray wash applications, powerful surfactant packages for agitating tank or dip tank cleaning machines and cleaners specially adapted for ultrasonic equipment. We specialize in all tumbling and finishing compounds for all metals, particularly aircraft aluminum and non-ferrous “red” metals. We supply all metal safe cleaners for general purpose use most of which can be recycled through BCS filtration equipment returning the soap to the cleaning machine for extended soap solution bath life.

For the same period BCS has been a leading American supplier of vibratory mass finishing compounds and cleaners to enhance mass finishing deburring, radiusing and burnishing of all metal substrates and varieties of parts. If you have a unique application, BCS can custom formulate or modify an existing product for your particular needs.

All BCS cleaners and vibratory mass finishing compounds are all metal safe and biodegradable, environmentally friendly aqueous products.

BCS provides a wide range of rust inhibitors and preventatives from invisible short term rust preventatives which may be painted over without further cleaning to longer term oil and paraffin based products.

BCS stocks and distributes cutting machine coolants and lubricants both synthetic, semi-synthetic and oil based variations. We provide a wide range of sump suckers, coolant filtration and tramp oil removal mechanisms to extend the life of any coolant as well as fluid evaporators; and related equipment, to dispose of machine coolant once totally spent.

BCS can blend tumbling and finishing compounds for all metals, so as you browse these pages keep in mind that we have a testing and analysis lab to determine the cleaners or finishing compounds that most of which can be recycled through BCS filtration equipment. Click here for your most convenient method of contacting us and discover how BCS can supply the right cleaner, coolant, rust inhibitor or finishing compound for you or custom-blend formulations for your metal surface preparation process.