Liquid Abrasive Machining / Polishing

Process Fundamentals
In the ExtrudeHone process, two vertically opposed cylinders extrude abrasive media back and forth through passages formed by the workpiece and tooling. Abrasive action occurs wherever the media enters and passes through the most restrictive passages.
The major elements of the process include:
  • The tooling which confines and directs the media flow to the appropriate areas;
  • The machine which controls the media extrusion pressure, flow volume and, in desired, flow rate;
  • The media which determines the pattern and aggressiveness of the abrasive action that occurs.
By selectively permitting and blocking flow into, or out of, work piece passages, tooling can be designed to provide media flow paths through the work piece that restrict flow at the areas where deburring, radiusing and surface improvement are desired. Frequently multiple passages or parts are processed simultaneously.
The consistent media slug length through all the cross holes in the cylindar pictured demonstrates the uniformity of the ExtrudeHone process. Normally tooling also contains the flow of the abrasive media to direct it between the extrusion cylinders of the machine.