Coated Abrasives / Non Woven / Cut Off Wheels / Flap Wheels / Discs

BCS is a stocking distributor for Carborundum, Walter and Abrasive South (C.F. Schroder) coated abrasives from single sand paper sheets to belts of any size and width including wide belts for “Timesaver” type machines. We stock a complete range of specialties including flap wheels, sanding discs and cut off wheels with a wide range of backing. Non-woven abrasives from pads to belts to discs and wheels are a BCS specialty from Carborundum and other manufacturers of non-woven abrasives, belts and dics.

We furnish all sanding and grinding machinery from Burr King tabletop and floor mounted back stand belt grinders to Bader machines, wide belt “Timesaver” type surface preparation, Acme wire brush and other surface preparation machines in manual or multi-station, full automatic modes. BCS can design and construct combination machines using wet wide belt sanding combined with wire brush or non-woven abrasive wheels or belts to produce particular surface effects that only wire brush or non-woven abrasive wheels or belts are best suited for.

For environmentally safe operation of any sanding or surface texture procedure BCS provides down draft grinding tables, Torit dust collectors, respirators and masks where required.