Abrasive Blast

Abrasive grit or sandblasting machines in suction or pressure blast format have been a BCS specialty for 35 years. Sizes range from tabletop simple suction blast machines to large airless “Wheelabrator” style shot and grit blast machines. Clemco contractor pressure pot blasters come in a complete range of sizes and accessories. Zero blast cabinets start with simple manually operated suction cabinets and range to full automatic indexing table blast machines, tumble blast equipment and walk-in blast rooms.

Wet blasting uses high-pressure water stream instead of compressed air to carry the abrasive to the part creating a unique scouring, cleaning and surface texturing effect in equipment ranging from simple manual cabinets to fully automated multiple blast gun, high production machines.

BCS represents the Arm & Hammer Armex baking soda blast equipment array from pressure pots to cabinets to a feed system injecting Arm & Hammer baking soda into the water stream at the nozzle of a pressure washer.

For very fine work, Texas Airsonics pencil blast or S.S. White style mini blasters do very detailed work on electronics and printed circuit board applications. To power this equipment BCS provides small, portable air compressors and a full range of Torit dust collectors for all sizes and types of blasting equipment.

BCS is a stocking distributor of all abrasive blast medias such as Potter’s BALLOTINITM glass beads, Washington Mills aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, DuPont Starblast, steel shot and grit in all commonly manufactured grit sizes and packaging modes.

BCS repairs blast equipment and accordingly stocks replacement parts. Call today for details about how BCS can save you time and money with blast equipment replacement parts and repairs. BCS also offers Summer shutdown maintenance services including blast equipment and finishing machine repair. We pride ourselves of the quality and commitment our on site service technitions take in repairing blast cabinets. We stock parts for all makes and models of blast cabinets including nozzles, hoses, clamps and filters.