Directions to B.C.S.

1. Directions from Hartford, CT

I-84 East (or North) to exit #69, sign says “Rte. 74 to Rte. 44, Willington, Providence”, turn right at end of ramp onto Rte. 74 headed east, approx. 7 miles to intersection of Rte. 74 & Rte. 44. Turn left onto Rte. 44 and follow Rte. 44 approx. 15 miles through Putnam, CT to intersection of Rte. 44 & I-395. Take I-395 headed North to exit #99, sign says “Rte. 200, Thompson”. Right at end of ramp onto Rte. 200, ½ mile to blinking red light at intersection Rte. 200 & Rte. 193. Turn left heading North on Rte. 193 (also called Thompson Rd.) After 1.25 miles road appears to fork with large billboard sign saying “Thompson Speedway” to the right or straight ahead. Ignore this, bearing left, staying on Rte. 193 passing Johnson Corrugated on left, then 50 yds. further Century Tool on right with B.C.S. the next building after Century on right. B.C.S. is low, tan Butler type metal building. If you overshoot there is nothing but woods on both sides of road. Drive time approx. 1 hr. 20 min.

2. For NYC/Long Island

Take I-95 north from the city to New Haven, CT where I-95 forks to the right along the CT shore and the left fork becomes I-91 no. to Hartford, Springfield & VT. East of New London interstate forks again with I-95 being the right fork to Prov., RI. Take the left fork being I-395 North running along the CT/RI border to Exit 99 and follow directions from this point set forth in #1 directions from Hartford above. Drive time from NYC approx. 3 hrs.

3. Directions from Springfield or Boston, MA.

From either direction take exit 10 off Mass Pike. After toll booth follow signs to I-395 which means bearing left in each of 2 forks in road immediately following toll booth approx. 1.25 miles to first right exit, sign says “I-395 & Rte. 20, Webster”. Take first CT exit #100 off I-395. Left at end of ramp approx. ½ mi. to T intersection with Rte. 193 also known as Thompson Rd. Turn right heading South on Rte. 193 approx. 1.9 miles passing through woods on both sides of the road just before getting to B.C.S. – first industrial bldg. on left, low tan metal building. If you overshoot us next building after B.C.S. is Century Tool, white concrete block building, after that, on right Johnson Corrugated, blue & tan metal building, where you should turn around and come back to B.C.S. on the right side of the road. Approx. drive time from Springfield, 1.5 hrs. From Boston 1 hr.

4. Directions from T. F. Greene Airport, Providence, RI

Ask car park or rental car for directions to get you onto I-295N headed to Rte. 44 West into CT. Generally, exiting airport look for signs to either Rte. 95 or Rte. 37 to I-295. 37 takes you to I-95 & I-295. Off I-95, 37 is a right exit turning around up over I-95 heading due West for several miles to connect to I-295 which you enter headed North. Follow I-295 North looking for the exit for Rte. 44 West. Take 44 West for approx. 20 miles into CT to the intersection of I-395 which you enter headed North. Thereafter see directions from Hartford above from I-395 North.