Shown on the right is a diagram of a Flat-Trak Pre-Assembles Blast Room. The basic layout would be the same if you selected the M-Section style Pre-Assembled Blast Room.

Shot, glass or other abrasive flows to the hub of a finned wheel spinning at high RPM slinging the shot or abrasive in a 3 foot high by 1 foot wide blast pattern onto work pieces providing a tremendous through put with little energy costs as no compressed air is utilized as in pressure or suction blast systems. Most appropriate for rust or paint removal or peening larger parts or larger volumes of smaller parts. BCS provides new, used and parts for all major brands and configurations including spinner hangers, multi-tumblers, structural steel blast cleaning machines and specially designed equipment to etch rollers for paper processing and other applications. All of the above are also configured for shot peening and other specialty applications such as foundry core de-finning and Thermoset Plastic Deflashing.